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Gelsomino committing to the whole renovation thing.

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Gelsomino committing to the whole renovation thing. Here, you can easily find best professionals in your area.

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I had hired the Gelsomino brothers contractors to do a demolition and renovation of my entire kitchen and two full bathrooms from floor to ceilings. I’m 27 years old and never had purchased or renovated a home before so I was completely lost  and the Gelsomino’s throughly explained the process to me which was a huge help The work that was done was far beyond my expectations. It was even better than the original plan I had drawn up , the Gelsomino’s found ways to make use of all the given materials and gave me creative suggestions of others things to do on top of the original design. The job  was done very quickly and efficiently and The attention to detail was what resonated most with me they didn’t miss a single thing .Mr Fino Gelsomino and his sons Michael and Joseph really let your voice be heard for the project and take suggestions and direction from you the whole time. Their business model is definitely built on hard efficient work and honesty they never tell you to do something that isn’t in the customers best interest, (whether it be a financial decision, or design decision) It was impressive that they continuously make themselves available by phone or email for contact should you have questions  I highly recommend them to do any interior/ exterior work that you may need.

Robert Smillie
Robert Smillie
Resident of new Rochelle

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